HAS Bio Mask (4pcs)

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✔ Advanced stem cell research-inspired bio cellulose mask.
✔ Upgraded with human adipose-derived exosomes for enhanced skincare.
✔ Cell-hybrid formula for advanced anti-aging care.
✔ Bio cellulose sheet with excellent adhesion and moisturization.
✔ Emollient essence enriched with diverse beauty ingredients.

About HAS Bio Mask (4pcs)

Introducing the revolutionary Cell Hybrid Bio Cellulose Mask, incorporating advanced stem cell research.

The beloved HAS Bio Mask has made a remarkable comeback with significant enhancements since its initial release. Through research on HAS*1, it was discovered that "exosomes" play a crucial role in its skincare effects. To elevate the skincare experience to the next level while preserving the benefits of HAS*1, an increased amount of exceptional human stem cell-derived exosomes was sought after. This led to the inclusion of "High-Purity and Stable Human Adipose Stromal Cell Exosomes*2."

Furthermore, the specifications have been upgraded to achieve a "More Rich" experience in every aspect, resulting in the completion of the Bio Cellulose Mask. Once you try it, you won't be able to part with its irresistible sensation and it will become your trusted partner in achieving beautiful skin.

Start with one sheet and experience how your skin blooms.

*1: Human Adipose Cell Conditioned Media Extract (moisturizing and skin-conditioning ingredient)
*2: Human Adipose Stromal Cell Exosomes (moisturizing and skin-conditioning ingredient)

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