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Balinese Yogurt Pack
Balinese Yogurt Pack Sale price$105.00 SGD
BEAUTYLASH Origin (1.5ml)
BEAUTYLASH Origin (1.5ml) Sale price$83.00 SGD
CO2 JELLY G (5pcs)
CO2 JELLY G (5pcs) Sale price$117.00 SGD
eX Deep Bright HQ-1.9 (20g)
eX Deep Bright HQ-1.9 (20g) Sale price$89.00 SGD
eX Loose Spicule (2.5ml)
eX Loose Spicule (2.5ml) Sale price$73.00 SGD
eX Loose Spicule (2.5ml) & HAS Sheet Mask (8pcs)
eX Loose Spicule (2.5ml) & NMN Sheet Mask (8pcs)
eX Peel Lotion Keratin Dead Skin Care (45ml)
eX REAL C Serum (18ml)
eX REAL C Serum (18ml) Sale price$127.00 SGD
eX Skin Taut Cream Moisturizer (30g)
HAS Bio Mask (4pcs)
HAS Bio Mask (4pcs) Sale price$89.00 SGD
HAS Cleansing Milk (150ml)
HAS Cleansing Milk (150ml) Sale price$70.00 SGD
HAS iMicro Patch Microneedle 4 Set (0.25mm)
HAS Moist Cream (30g)
HAS Moist Cream (30g) Sale price$114.00 SGD
HAS Moist Lotion (120ml)
HAS Moist Lotion (120ml) Sale price$73.00 SGD
HAS Stretch iSheet (60 sheets)
HAS Stretch iSheet (60 sheets) Sale price$102.00 SGD
HAS Stretch iSheet Double Pack (60 sheets x2)
HAS Stretch iSheet exo (60 sheets)
HAS Stretch iSheet exo Double Pack (60 sheets x2)
HAS Washing Foam (120g)
HAS Washing Foam (120g) Sale price$61.00 SGD
iMicro Patch Microneedle 4 Set (0.25mm)
Intensive Eye Care Kit
Intensive Eye Care Kit Sale price$238.00 SGD
Intensive Eye Care Kit with exo
Intensive Eye Care Kit with exo Sale price$238.00 SGD
Nature SPA Moist Pack (80g)
Nature SPA Moist Pack (80g) Sale price$57.00 SGD