HAS Washing Foam (120g)

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✔ HAS Washing Foam contains Moroccan Lava Clay which will remove dirt and dead skin cells while moisturizing your skin with natural minerals of clay. This Face Wash will leave your skin looking clear and bright.
✔ Foam contains HAS the latest innovation in luxury skin care. This patented protein complex has the ability to increase cellular metabolism to help combat aging skin.
✔ While the Moroccan Lava Clay deeply cleanses your skin removing dirt, oil and pollutants, HAS essence penetrates into your skin leaving your skin moisturized and firm with extra translucency.
✔ Contains clay only found in Morocco with superior cleansing properties—while moisturizing your skin and supplying it with abundant amounts of minerals for younger looking skin.
✔ While this Face Wash gently removes dead skin cells, natural ingredients such as homeoage, reforcyl and beta glucan help combat aging, tired and dry skin. This face wash will restore the natural glow to your skin

About HAS Washing Foam (120g)

Spa treatment HAS Washing Foam contains innovative and natural ingredients such as HAS, beta-glucan, and Moroccan lava clay. Morocco's high-quality lava clay was created slowly in the rich natural environment. With an excellent ability to absorb oil, this washing cream will quickly remove dirt and dead skin cells. Your skin is immediately purified of dirt oil and pollution; skin is left with a clean clear healthy look.
Containing Moroccan lava clay, this facial soap excels in removing dirt and oil cleanly. Moroccan lava clay originates in the Jurassic period (210-140 million years ago) when temperatures were mild and the dinosaurs flourished. Found only in Morocco, this clay possesses superior cleansing properties—all while moisturizing your skin and supplying it with abundant amounts of minerals.

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