eX Deep Bright HQ-1.9 (20g)

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✔ The active ingredient hydroquinone helps brighten and restore your tired looking skin and helps combat the dark tired spots. This moisturizing cream helps even skin tone and rejuvenates aged, tired looking skin.
✔ With our latest technology, the active ingredient, hydroquinone is encapsulated into DPD nano capsules, delivered deep into your skin. Active ingredients of this brightening cream penetrates deep into your skin.
✔ The refreshing scent of Lavender helps you unwind and enjoy the skin care you deserve. Relax, rejuvenate and pamper yourself with this brightening moisturizing face cream. A great addition to your daily face care.
✔ This daily treatment is easy to use, soft and smooth in texture, gently spreads and penetrates into your skin. Feel the difference, and see the difference as you use this brightening cream every day.

About eX Deep Bright HQ-1.9 (20g)

Hydroquinone is capsuled in D.P.D capsules which permeates beauty ingredients deep into the skin and leads to clear glowing beautiful skin. Furthermore, it contains ingredients like Arbutin and Placenta extract etc. to help achieve a brighter clear skin. Relaxing your body and mind with a fresh lavender fragrance.

Spa treatment

Inspired by nature, backed by science

Beauty comes naturally by cleansing both
body and mind

Spa treatment was established in 2002 in Osaka, Japan by Wave Corporation Co., Ltd. Well experienced in the area of developing skin care products and working with professional level spa beauty services for more than 30 years.


The Spa treatment series was developed based on the concept of professional grade spa therapy to help fast-paced modern people to enjoy luxurious spa-like treatment at home.