NMN Stretch iSheet (60 sheets)

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āœ” These Japanese under-eye patches for wrinkles are stretchy, luxurious, and full of hydrating ingredients to combat saggy, tired-looking aging skin.
āœ” NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide) helps fight lines and wrinkles and leaves the skin looking firm and youthful.
āœ” Contains peptides, amino acids that can lead to firmer, younger-looking skin. These under-eye patches help the skin produce collagen, leading to plump, soft skin.
āœ” This spa-quality, relaxing under-eye treatment is perfect for those seeking to combat wrinkles and fine lines. Unisex, for men or women.
āœ” Subtly scented with lavender and rosemary. These under eye pads are drenched in 110ml of hydrating ingredients and are carefully constructed to fit around the eye and mouth.

About NMN Stretch iSheet (60 sheets)

From the "Spa treatment Stretch i-Sheet Series", a sheet mask for the areas that you worry about around your eyes and mouth, the "NMN Stretch i-Sheet" has just been released for those who seek unwavering beauty for the present and the future.

The carefully selected common beauty ingredients, the peptides that give elasticity, and the special elastic sheets are the same as the existing "HAS Stretch iSheet" and "UMB Stretch iSheet".

The main ingredient is "NMN". It was first used in supplements and skin care for deep issues and concerns and now has gained popularity.

In order to deliver "NMN" to every corner of the skin, a new penetration technology "MPD Capsule" has been adopted.

NMN particles are packed tightly in the nanocapsules produced by the dehydration method.

Since the outer layer is made of oil components, it blends well with the skin and quickly delivers it inside the skin.

In addition, 3 types of peptides maintain firm and elastic skin, and the refreshing lavender and rosemary scent balances the mind and body.

60 sheets are included to care for your skin

Instead of just using it once a week, there is a sheet for every day of the month, so you can give yourself special care every day. Since tweezers are included, it can be hygienically used up to the last sheet.

Special sheet that fits eyes, mouth and facial lines

The stretch material sheet fits your skin, and by stretching it up and sticking it to your skin, it further enhances the effectiveness.

NMN Stretch iSheet (60 sheets)
NMN Stretch iSheet (60 sheets) Sale price$117.00 SGD
UMB Stretch iSheet (60 sheets)
UMB Stretch iSheet (60 sheets) Sale price$95.00 SGD
Recommended For

Saggy, aged, tired-looking skin

Uneven tone and saggy, aged skin

Dull, tired-looking skin


Soft, younger-looking, hydrated skin

Smoother, firmer-looking skin

Brighter-looking, plump skin


Soothing menthol

Lavender and rosemary

Damask rose

Sheet counts

60 Sheets (30 Pairs)

60 Sheets (30 Pairs)

60 Sheets (30 Pairs)


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The Spa treatment series was developed based on the concept of professional grade spa therapy to help fast-paced modern people to enjoy luxurious spa-like treatment at home.