eX Skin Taut Cream Moisturizer (30g)

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✔ Contains 5 types of hyaluronic acid and 4 types of collagen in a D.P.D capsule.
✔ It delivers to the stratum corneum in a stable state and brings a feeling of moisture to the surface.
✔ Furthermore, the freshness is kept on the skin, making it easy to feel the liveliness and elasticity.
✔ The gorgeous rose scent awakens a feeling of happiness.

About eX Skin Taut Cream Moisturizer (30g)

Spa treatment eX Skin Taut Cream combines a well-balanced blend of oil and moisturizing ingredients that seal in moisture both on the surface layer and inner side of the skin, so it will protect your skin from dryness.

The special technology "D.P.D Capsule" delivers a wide variety of moisturizing ingredients to the stratum corneum. It is important to deliver the selected ingredients to the stratum corneum without retaining them only on the surface of the skin. By enclosing various types of hyaluronic acid and collagen in nanocapsules (D.P.D capsules), they are stably released to your skin.

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Spa treatment was established in 2002 in Osaka, Japan by Wave Corporation Co., Ltd. Well experienced in the area of developing skin care products and working with professional level spa beauty services for more than 30 years.


The Spa treatment series was developed based on the concept of professional grade spa therapy to help fast-paced modern people to enjoy luxurious spa-like treatment at home.