HAS Moist Cream (30g)

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✔ HAS MOISTURE FACE CREAM: The power of HAS is widely used as the latest innovation in luxury skin care. This patented protein complex has the ability to increase cellular metabolism to help combat aging skin
✔ This Face Cream contains NATURAL ingredients to fight aging. HOMEOAGE is seaweed extract known for its anti-aging properties, REFORCYL boosts collagen development and BETA-GLUCAN which helps retain moisture.
✔ With a touch of extra natural boost, HAS Face Cream contains meadowfoam oil which helps soften and moisturize your skin leading to a healthier younger glowing skin.
✔ Meadowfoam oil builds a barrier across the skin surface to help your skin retain moisture throughout the day. This rich cream smoothes the roughness and leaves your skin soft and rejuvenated.

About HAS Moist Cream (30g)

HAS Face Moist Cream contains natural and innovative ingredients which tackles aging, and dry skin. This Face Moisture Cream is rich in Beta-Glucan, and Meadowfoam oil which help retain moisture deep into your skin. Meadowfoam oil forms a thin, smooth barrier across your skin's surface, preventing essential compounds from escaping before they are absorbed into the skin's deepest layers.
Formulated with meadowfoam seed oil, a valuable plant native to California, Spa treatment's HAS Moist Cream forms a thin, high quality water retention veil across your skin, keeping it hydrated all day long. This rich cream is packed with our HAS line's ingredients, and its rich, creamy texture will prepare your skin for whatever you throw at it.

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