HAS Moist Lotion (120ml)

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✔ Spa Treatment HAS Moist Lotion: Ingredients penetrate deep within the skin, not only moisturize, but to improve skin's vitality. This Face Lotion is blended with anti aging HAS for extra skin clarity and youthfulness.
✔ HAS (Human Adipose-derived Stem cell extract) is a protein complex which combats aging skin. This HAS extract is deeply absorbed into the skin leading to younger looking, healthy glowing skin.
✔ This HAS rich lotion is rich in natural ingredients to combat aging: HOMEOAGE is seaweed extract known for its anti-aging properties, REFORCYL boosts collagen development and BETA-GLUCAN which helps retain moisture.
✔ Recommended for those concerned of skin's dullness, elasticity, or sagging; HAS Face Moist Lotion leads to youthful and radiant skin. This moist, rich lotion will penetrate deep into your dry skin.

About HAS Moist Lotion (120ml)

HAS Moist Lotion helps to reduce the signs of skin fatigue and stress, such as dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles. Rich in innovative ingredients known as HAS and natural ingredients such as homeoage, beta glucan and reforcyl, our Moist Lotion is an aging-care product that fully utilizes the moisturizing power of HAS.
Spa treatment's HAS Moist Lotion's seven ingredients penetrate deep within the skin to not only moisturize, but also improve the skin's vitality. Some of the key ingredients include:
Hyaluronic acid NA and water soluble collagen: to improve the skin's moisture retention
Placenta extract: to improve the skin's vibrancy and transparency
Hydrolyzed collagen and three types of ceramides: to improve the skin's resiliency and shine

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