eX REAL C Serum (18ml)

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✔ DPD Vitamin C capsules: our latest innovation in luxury skin treatment: Active ingredients, high concentration of pure vitamin C penetrates deep into your skin and helps combat tired aged skin.
✔ Deep Penetrating Formula helps to nourish and moisturize, hydrate your dry skin. The encapsulated pure vitamin C is delivered deep into your skin and helps combat dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.
✔ The high concentration of Pure Vitamin C leads to smooth, brighter, clear skin. Daily use of Real Vitamin C Serum results in better tone and complexion with smoother and younger looking skin.
✔ The innovative technology of DPD Vitamin capsules help your skin retain the much needed moisture and nourishes, hydrates your skin deep into the core. This Vitamin C Serum helps your skin retain moisture within.

About eX REAL C Serum (18ml)

By encapsulating pure vitamin C in D.P.D capsules, the cosmetic ingredients in dark spot remover for face can be delivered deep into your skin to improve the texture of the skin. The anti aging serum in the D.P.D capsules distributes the vitamin C throughout the skin, leaving your skin in good condition with a clear, resilient and smooth-texture. This facial serum maximizes the beneficial effects of vitamin C by increasing the penetration capacity and stability of the formulation, acting as a dark spot corrector for face.
D.P.D encapsulation increases the amount of vitamin C that can be delivered into the skin. This vitamin c serum for face is highly stable and resilient to degradation and discoloration, and less decrease in the number of capsules.

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